Doreen Drennan is a member of the BurrenEcoTourism and her artwork involves interpreting the the Burren Region in art form through the medium of oil paint on canvas. The Studio comprises a working art studio and a gallery display area where visitors can view and purchase paintings of the Burren and the West of Ireland.
The gallery is a space where visitors can, on a one to one basis, also learn about the ecological aspects of the Burren and be informed of the various activities that take place in the Burren.
The studio is used for the creation of of paintings and for teaching art interpreting the Burren in it,s various manifestations and ever-changing exquisite light which is particular to the area.
The Studio is set in a scenic location with views of the Cliffs of Moher, and the surrounding garden is being developed to compliment that view. Approximately one acre is currently being planted as an ornamental garden with perennial shrubs and native trees, which grow in harmony with the surrounding landscape.Future plans include the setting of a wildlife garden, an onsite river walk, the cleaning of an old stone bridge which is part of the site and dates back to the 1850,s.Seated areas are also being planned for visitors to enjoy the views, discuss gardening aspects of the area, and generally raise awareness of the unique Burren.
Sustainable ideas for the possible development of a further six acres are being actively pursued, giving consideration to current global climate change.
Materials in the studio are locally sourced, are eco-friendly products ,green purchasing equates 80%, and products are recyclable .Having regard to the conservation of the Burren, outdoor painting activity is limited to groups of 10 people. Car pooling is recommended when driving to selected painting sites, and sustainable transport in the Burren is supported.Leave no Trace awareness and practice is paramount for participants throughout the duration of the course.